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Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a "student" at Amityville. Jack because of his survival through all thirteen wars has become known as the strongest in Amityville. At some point he met the trailer of the "Devil Thread" which gave him many of his strong abilities. It has also been suggested that he has gone to the living world and killed those close to Noah.


Jack is first seen with his lying down on top of a desk  after Noah introduces herself in the classroom. He smirks at her and frightens her before lying his head down once again. Later Jack says,"Its here" and begins his battle with Hansen. Jack briefly welcomes Hansen to the Northern District befofre pulling out his blades. Jack dodges all of Hasnsen's bullets then cuts his leg off. He then slashes his arm. Before he finishes off Hansen he does him a last "service" by telling him to look to the side, where Noah's body lies in a compromising position. He smirks again and greets Noah as she trys to awaken from what she believes is a dream.

Powers & Abilities Edit